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Microphone Moving Coil type Nicknamed 'Apple and Biscuit' because of its shape.
Seen on TV in the 50's being used by reporters.

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  • I remember buying one of these ball & biscuit mics 'ex government' in the 1950's.
    Mine had two screw terminals and four lugs around the body, presumably for suspension. I was told that they were ex RAF and used for audio detection of aircraft. Who knows?
    .......... Frank Mancktelow, Sevenoaks, Kent. UK, 2nd of March 2016

  • Known in the US as the "Eight Ball" microphone.
    .......... Christopher Richards, Greeley, Colorado US, 2nd of May 2015

  • Readers may enjoy my blog post and video about the 4021. Even today it has many uses. martinmitchellsmicrophones.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/stc4021/
    .......... Martin Mitchell, Cheltenham, UK, 8th of October 2014

  • In BBC Television they were also known as a "Thistle" microphone
    .......... John Howell, Pinner, UK, 12th of August 2014

  • When I was in radio we called them a 'Ball and Biscuit'
    .......... Alan Bailey, Nottingham (previously) The Sun Inn, Hemel Hempstead, 24th of April 2012

  • These were used on the probe of the very first Daleks in Dr Who
    .......... Neil Goodwin, England, 15th of December 2010

  • We used to call these 'apple and biscuit' microphones at the BBC
    .......... Andrew Peakin, Worthing, UK, 12th of November 2010

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