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WWII  Swedish ARMY MAP CASE, 1940's

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WWII Swedish ARMY MAP CASE, 1940's

Swedish Army Officers Map folder containing undated German map probably 1940's

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  • That is a swedish ww2 mapecase. You can see the crown stamp on the inside of the lid. That was used pre-war and up til 1943 then we got the three crown markings.
    .......... Rickard, Sweden, 7th of November 2014

  • Hi there - this is not British. It is a Swedish map case, made before 1942 when they changed from the single crown stamp to three crowns stamp on their equipment.
    .......... Ashley Elliott, Gothenburg, Sweden, 7th of November 2014

  • I'm not sure without looking at it in more detail but this looks like a WW2 Swedish army item, the crown stamp is not a George VI crown so pretty sure it's not British army. Nice example though. British army officers / despatch riders map cases were similar but of all canvas with a 3/4 in webbing strap, no leather.
    .......... A Miller, Cambridge, 3rd of November 2014

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