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Belt used in combat during WW1. Missing shoulder strap. Also known as a "Sam Browne"

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  • This is not a 'combat belt' and is never described as such. It is an officers' service belt of a pattern originally invented by the British army officer General Sir Samuel James Browne, V.C., when on service in India. His complete set of leather belts and straps became the mark of officers in armies all around the world (still in use). During WW1, however, these were usually replaced in combat by web equipment to make officers stand out less or be targeted by snipers. The Sam Browne belt has since been worn with service and ceremonial dress, not in combat.
    .......... M.H., Paris, 3rd of June 2014

  • This Sam Brown may have been issued to a member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. They wore the Sam Brown minus the strap, so it may not be missing at all.
    .......... Lynsey Shaw, Dalry, Ayrshire, 24th of May 2011

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