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Part of an earlier equipment system used before WW1, and not part of the 1908 web set.
Left over from a 1903 pattern and could have been used during WW1 to boost volume.
The water bottle has a Khaki Felt cover over a blue Enamelled container. The water bottle is the original WW1 pattern but is of post war manufacture, hence its condition. As for the sling this is a modern copy, with a date of 1905.
See Item A0994

Your comments:

  • These were used in WW1, and also still being made and issued in WW2, as I have a 1942 dated one.
    .......... Bruce Rolph, Reading, UK, 31st of July 2012

  • (Obviously an enamel bottle). Such bottles would definitely have had a felt cover. This was part of the 1903 bandoleer equipment set that was also used by some units (such as the Royal Artillery and Army Service Corps) during the war and after. I doubt it would have been worn with the 1908 pattern webbing equipment as shown.
    .......... Peter Doyle, London, 14th of April 2011

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