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Civil Defence Tunic for the Surrey Corp.

Your comments:

  • Not a "tunic" - a tunic is longer. This is a battle dress blouse.
    .......... Ian Cooper, Sheffield, Yorkshire, 5th of January 2015

  • I'll second the comment about the breast insignia - it's a post-1948 badge. The pre-1948 badge comprised the letters "CD" with a king's crown above it.

    Also, this is a battle dress blouse - not really a "jacket".
    .......... Ian Cooper, Sheffield, Yorkshire, 5th of January 2015

  • The badge on the right cuff indicates the owner was an instructor
    .......... John Townend, Birmingham, 8th of January 2012

  • From the type of breast insignia shown this is a post WW2 Civil Defence jacket. The WW2 version has a simpler badge with CD and a king's crown above. Additionally the ribbon bar shown is the Defence Medal - not issued until 1948 (interesting the colours relate to: green for the countryside, orange for fire caused by the enemy and black for the blackout).
    .......... Craig Smith, London, 1st of January 2011

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