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Mooring Magnets as the title suggests are a very strong magnet for mooring small craft to the hull of a large ship.
On the base is a plate to prevent loss of magnetism, this must be removed before use.

We have seen these types of Mooring Magnets used in films such as
"Cockle Shell Heroes"

Your comments:

  • These were designed in 1943 at Station XII, Aston House, Stevenage,for use by small boat/kayak attack on shipping. Skefco of Luton were the local firm contracted to make and supply them for the War Department. They replaced an earlier version , as used by members of the Frankton raid (the cockleshell hero's) that had eight separate magnets, four being mounted on either side of a frame and were a little more difficult to use without a handle
    .......... Phillip Nussle, Cheshunt, Herts., UK, 8th of July 2015

  • Hi - I have just found your website and immediately recognised the items described as 'mooring magnets'. We have one of these which came to us via an elderly aunt (died 1968), but we had no idea what its purpose was. It is identical apart from the ring in the centre of the magnet body. The aunt used to work for Skefco (now SKF) in Luton, so we assumed that this was probably where it was made. Skefco/SKF was (and still is) a major manufacturer of ball bearings, and were therefore a key industry during WW2. Hope this information helps!
    .......... Steven Squires, Luton, England, 2nd of July 2012

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