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Notes on the can says:
Instructions for use. Clean eyepiece with cloth provided apply a little of the compound evenly with the finger. If it is too stiff to spread easily , breath on the eyepiece to moisten it. Spread lightly over the eyepiece with the cloth. Do NOT Polish. Breath on the eyepiece until it becomes clear.

Your comments:

  • These cannisters were issued with an NBC 'Noddy suit' respirator (NOT gas mask!) and used to prevent your eyepieces from fogging over as you sweated in the impervious suit.
    One cap revealed a cloth, the other cap hid a small amount of what looked like vaseline.
    One was supposed to smear this grease on the inside of the eyepieces before any chemical attack...
    .......... Adrian Kirkup, Salisbury, 30th of October 2020

  • I was issued with this, being an A.R.P.later Civil Defence`Messenger`
    We were also issued with an `eye shield` in a brown type of `glasses case` They were made of an earlier type of clear plastic, folded flat,
    we took them out, and fastened them with a stud type of fastening, to make a type of wrap around glasses.
    The AO484 was used on our two eye piece type of gas mask,used by
    Wardens and Messengers.The`Heavy Rescue` A.R.P.used service gas masks.
    Like the fire service and police.
    .......... Alfred Smith, Chatham, Kent., 3rd of January 2012

  • One end of the tin (usually marked with a red rim) contained the compound, the other end, the cloth to spread it.
    .......... David Wallis, Burnham on Crouch UK, 2nd of October 2010

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