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This case with a handle has a box of electronics inside, together with HT and LT batteries. The grill appears to hide a loudspeaker. There is a rotary control on the side of the box and a single socket.

Together with the case is what appears to be a headphone and also what appears to be a throat microphone.

This object will be accessioned shortly as we now believe it to be a Hearing Aid as suggested.
If anyone recognises it please let us know.
Bruce Hammond Collection

Your comments:

  • Could the throat microphone be used by the wearer to monitor their own speach? It becomes tricky to ensure speach is clear when hearing is poor.
    .......... Tony, Radenthein, Austria, 16th of April 2017

  • I have one of these hearing aids, set me back 1 in a car boot sale! Hivac valve line up is triode XP 1.5v followed by two screen grids type XSQ 1.5v There are no transformers, all coupling is via very leaky wax capacitors.
    .......... Bob Smallbone, Bognor Regis W. Sussex, 15th of August 2014

  • Probably an early deaf aid. The "speaker" is the microphone and the box was worn so as to present the microphone to the front.
    I have not seen a throat microphone associated with such items, but it could possibly be a useful addition where people were sat side-by-side.
    .......... Roy, New Forest England, 4th of April 2009

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