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Using 3 phase current, commonly used on large aircraft such as the Avro Lancaster, this gyroscope would have been the central part of the aircraft's stabilising system.
Here it is mounted on a board for demonstration and training purposes.

Your comments:

  • What a coincidence! I had one of those from the same supplier!
    .......... Neville Buchanan, Wigan, Lancashire, 14th of November 2011

  • These gyros were used in auto pilots, you will find one in the science museum.
    I bought one from K R Whiston's in my youth for 25/6 old money,it was power by a rotary convertor 28v in and 18v 3 phase out.
    Hope this is of some help.
    .......... Chris Polding, HARPENDEN, Hets, 17th of April 2010

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