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From its name we are fairly sure its connected with laundry. Google is no help to us on this one. The handled appliance plugs into the cream box which is connected to the electricity supply. There is a flat circular plate on the underside of the appliance which looks as though it might vibrate. The plate is surrounded by a rim which suggests the appliance rests on top of a round container.

A label attached by a previous collector said 'similar to Vibrasonic'.

Its not that old, 1940's or 50's maybe. Perhaps you remember you or your parents using one of these and can tell us about it.
This object will be accessioned shortly as we now believe it to be an Ultrasonic cleaning aid as suggested.

Bruce Hammond Collection

Your comments:

  • I remember my mother having one like this but a different shape utilising some cones that were in the water while the electric mechanism was above the water surface as I recall. It was placed in the wash tub with the clothes all around it and with the soap flakes/powder. The device vibrated and produced a gentle shaking motion in the water and clothes. Some small rippling of the water surface and it made a 50 cycle buzzing sound.
    .......... Denis Colbourn , Penrith NSW Australia, 20th of November 2013

  • I have one of these too, but it is missing the cream box on the end of the wire, glad I didn't put a plug on it now and plug it into the mains supply.
    I have been told that it is a Laundry agitator, as in the laundry is placed in the washing bowl or the sink along with detergent and water. The Laundmaster is then held on top of the laundry and moved around whilst the plate underneath vibrates the surrounding water and cloth so that the vibrations remove the dirt from the cloth.
    .......... Pablo, London Uk, 12th of May 2010

  • From Google Books: Electrical Times Vol. 137 - 1960 "..Laundmaster sonic washing aid...". I would guess that it works on the same principle as a sonic jewellery cleaner. It appears to have a flat base so I assume that this was for passing over fabric in a similar way to an iron, and that the sound waves would remove the dirt.
    .......... S Sissons, Hemel Hempstead, 19th of March 2010

  • It looks a lot like an early steam iron. Is the bottom of the metal part flat? Is there space to fill the round part with water?

    .......... p.m.c., Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 4th of October 2009

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