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Baby's gas protection, the baby was placed inside the chamber and a flap was folded round between the baby's legs, once inside it was essential to pump fresh air inside the chamber to help the baby breathe.
Stories have been heard of mothers leaving their babies for too long without pumping, this then led to fatal consequences.

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  • The home guard leader brought each of us a gas mask. I was 4 years old, I remember him picking up my baby sister and pushing her inside the babies gas mask. She was terrified and screamed so I hated that man on her behalf. We never needed these masks.
    .......... Doris Saunders, Herefordshire, 12th of March 2015

  • As a 7yr old I watch mother practising putting my baby sister in this device. I worried like mad that she would be gassed because she wouldn't have time to put her own on after looking after my sister; alternatively worrying that my sister would be gassed while mum was putting hers on.
    .......... Arthur Nicol, Christchurch, Dorset. UK, 11th of April 2012

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