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Wearing battledress of 1914, including 1908 web-set showing variations in clip pockets. The Water-bottle is of an earlier 1903 pattern, and is missing its felt cover. The cap is the nearest we can find to the 1914 pattern, and is an officers cap. In 1914 soldiers were issued with similar type headgear but with a metal band in the top, in 1915 these were replaced by the ''Brodie'' or metal helmet. See Item A0410.

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  • From my military school and service, I understand that the WWI Forage Cap was, as stated, originally supplied with a springy wire ring to keep the cap's shape. It was quickly discovered that a) the circular shape was distinctive when standing in a trench, making the wearer a target b) it was easy to 'off caps', roll up your hat and keep it with you when off duty, if the wire was 'lost' c) the wearer of a wired forage cap would stand out as a 'new boy' or an "orficer" from behind the lines.
    .......... Adrian Kirkup, Salisbury, 30th of October 2020

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