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AVO MODEL 8 Mk4, 1970

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AVO MODEL 8 Mk4, 1970

In 1970 the Avometer model 8 Mk4 cost £34.80 and the case £5.50. Today the Avometer model 8 Mk7 is £500 plus The AVO Model 8 multimeter reached retirement after 58 years
Possibly the most popular professional multimeter of the 20th Century, the venerable AVO Model 8 has reached retirement: the final Model 8 have left Megger’s Dover factory, where it has been produced since its introduction in 1951. Last off the line the Mk7.

Nortell Collection

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  • The 15 volt battery is no problem. Use 2 small 9 volt batteries in series (the type with the press studs) ever ready PP3. They will just fit in the space. Then use a small adjustable voltage regulator for 15 volts. My AVO 8 has had this modification for the last 20 years and it works fine.
    .......... Ernie Sealey, sandbach, 26th of October 2011

  • I have one AVO Model 8 MK7 and still it is in good Working condition. The only problem is that 15V Battery is not available in My country.
    .......... A,S,N.Karuna Kumar, , Vijayawada. Krishna Dist. Andhra Pradesh. India, 20th of June 2011

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