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DV-2400 Reel to Reel Video Recorder. Known as the Portapak Video Rover, black and white Video recorder. With a maximum recording time of 20 minutes, the Sony íVideo Roverí DV-2400 was one of the very first portable video tape recorder available to the general public. Sony Notes Below.
SONY CV-2400 Portapak
The Portable Battery Operated non EIAJ Skip Field

Sony introduces the world's first portable VTR, the DV-2400.

The VIDEO ROVER, was the first video portapack. it offered the format of the time which was B/W, skip field, Pre-EIAJ, 1/2 inch tape, reel to reel. This first unit was a record ONLY portapak VTR outfit. Recording time was 20 minutes on 4-1/2 inch reel of 1/2 inch videotape. streamlined for size and weight you were provided a small hand crank that stored in the units lid for rewinding the tape!

Playback of tapes from this unit (after they were hand rewound) was accomplished on the CV-2000 series decks.

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  • From 1975-1979 ,as Area Education and Training Officer for the ,then East Sussex Area Health Authority I used the Sony Rover often for situations ranging from Management/Interviewing /Role playing GP Vocational training to Major Incident 'mock-ups' with Police,Fire & Ambulance. Social events were also covered from the Queen's Silver Jubilee Street party in Seaford, and excerpts from local Gilbert & Sullivan. I still have two tapes which have never been put on vhs/dvd, and wish that could be done.
    .......... Robin Hallett, Reading,Berkshire ,England RG6 5ST, 30th of January 2013

  • This model was used for early video recording at my college (St. John, York) in 1968. The stabilisation frame lock was good (no rolling images) but the Sony tapes (1'?) were poor and shed their oxide coating on many occasions. This clogged the head and caused loss of vision: it had to be 'expertly' cleaned I was told.
    .......... Raymond Walker, Wilmslow, Cheshire, 4th of October 2012

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