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The museum offers a number of services for schools:

School Visits

The museum's Community Room offers a safe space for children and adults alike to handle items such as telephones, cameras, domestic items and many more. We can also provide demonstrations of some of the exhibits in the museum.

We are very proud of the fact that many of the artefacts can be demonstrated; listening to an old wind up record player is always a great hit with both young and old alike. In our experience, being able to touch, feel, and in some cases smell the artefacts encourages debate and a greater understanding of how technology developed and was used.

Owing to the size of the community room and our galleries,there is a limit of 10 children who should be accompanied by a minimum of 3 adults.

So that we can plan your visit and discuss what the children should see and handle we recommend a pre-visit. Please contact the museum curator, Rosie Hourihane.

E2BN Gallery

The museum has a gallery on the E2BN website which contains a number of technology based images relating to aspects of the National Curriculum.

The galleries include:

There is also a gallery of videos which shows the use and working of telephones and gramophones.

The galleries are a safe place where teachers and children can search or browse and can download high quality images for use in their projects. The images are a quality which allows them to be projected or used on Interactive Whiteboards.

The Museum's Website

The website shows the majority of the museum's collection. Each item has text describing the history and use of the item. Many objects have comments made by visitors who have used the items in their daiy lives.

A&B Telephone

Ringing a friend on the A&B Telephone

Mickey Mouse Telephone

Hello is anyone there?...

Victorian Lantern Slide

A Victorian Glass Slide, one of the many handling items on offer at the museum

Year 5 children having fun on a school visit

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