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A hand held camera Type HVC3000P for connection to a VCR, These cameras were connected with portable Betamax VCRs and used in the semi professional field such as high schools colleges and businesses and possibly low budget broadcasts.

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  • I have one of these still working (I think it is a 4000 model, from 1985) I bought it with a portable Betamax recorder and a lot of other kit from Dixons. I used to carry it on family trips and holidays, even though it weighed 10 kg. If I took it out now, people would think I was a TV cameraman, it was so big. But the quality was great, and the recorder also worked well as a home video machine. Video gear was so expensive then, unlike now when you can just use your phone!
    .......... Colin Carrolll, Langford, Beds, 13th of November 2012

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