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Wooden Lamp with handle and lever switch.
Battery type unknown.

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  • This torch is nearer the 1910's rather than 1940's
    .......... John Carass, Bedford UK, 11th of February 2014

  • The battery is four half volt and is box shaped its a No 15 size made by ever ready, I have just restored one of these torches an made a repro of the battery as i got the original with the torch, the early batterys had Britania logo on but mine is dark blue with ever ready on.
    .......... Michael, Durham, 18th of March 2011

  • I have one of these torches that has an earlier style paper label inside. No modern battery will fit as it has brass strip contacts that required a special square or rectangular battery. I have an improvised wire connection for use with a couple of D size cells. The reflector is of slightly different design and it doesn't have the later style Ever Ready badge like yours. It has a metal bicycle stile clip on the rear sliding battery compartment door. It could have been used as a hand and cycle torch. It is a lovely item that is very usable and of great interest to the grandchildren and friends.
    .......... David Mills, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales, UK, 12th of August 2010

  • My grandmother had one of these. It used a 4.5volt battery with terminals. Wires in the torch are connected to these terminals. It may have been an Everready 775 battery, but I'm not sure - it's about 40 years ago that I last saw it!
    .......... John Webb, Lobdon Colney, ST ALBANS, 18th of March 2010

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